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On the road again,
with nature calling my name,
doing my instinctive thing,
seeking fortune and fame !!!

On the road again,
nature has been a calling,
all the pieces fall into place,
bells ring and birds sing.

On the road again,
the big bird takes flight,
going through clouds by day,
amongst the stars at night.

Life brings another chapter,
to unfold and be written,
life is such fun and excitement,
all the promise from within.

To be alive an let life happen,
to accept what comes our way,
to be aware that life is but once,
to trust in nature, come what may.

The only way to live a life,
is to let go and glide,
to be floating in clouds of white,
and knowing that life is inside.

©Written by: Ed Kassirer
May 19, 2001

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